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Nov 28, 2011 Comments Off debbie

Here are 9 REASONS TO ATTEND THE 2014 WSCG in Gold Coast, Australia!

All of the nine (yes, count them 9!), Keynote speakers at the 2014 WSCG are brilliant presenters and passionate about golf. In alphabetical order, welcoming:

  • Professor Mark Broadie: Carson Family Professor of Business and Vice Dean, Columbia Business School.
  • Dr. Debbie Crews: Sport Psychology Consultant, World Scientific Congress of Golf Board Member, Arizona State University.
  • David Darbyshire: Physical Preparation Coach for Adam Scott, Movement Solutions International Pty Ltd.
  • Adjunct Professor Phillip diBella: Business and Marketing; owner of diBella Coffee, author of Entrepeneurial Intelligence
  • Professor Senshi Fukashiro: Professor of Biomechanics, University of Tokyo, Japan.
  • Professor Sandy Gordon: Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, The University of Western Australia.
  • Professor Mario LaFortune: Head of Innovation at Nike, United States.
  • Associate Professor Shaun O’Leary: Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Research Fellow, University of QLD.
  • Professor Eric Wallace: Director of Sports and Exercise Sciences, University of Ulster, UK

Not to mention there will be:

  • 70 podium presentations from some of the best golf researchers from around the world

Including the likes of Andrea Fradkin, John Hellstrom, David Lindsay, Sasho Mackenzie, Paul Grimshaw, Mark Cole, Pat Thomas, Martin Toms, Sean Horan…..the list goes on….Come and hear the latest in all things relating to golf research.

  • 20 poster presentations for emerging and innovative golf researchers and coaches

The WSCG also provides opportunity for emerging researchers and pilot data to be discussed and presented.  The quality of the posters received has been fantastic and will certainly generate a lot of interesting discussion.

  • Stunning venue and location

The Gold Coast is stunning in September.  Check out our website and Facebook page for images but southeast Queensland at this time of year is an amazing place to visit.

The WSCG conference venue is modern, very funky and the breakfast buffet is being hailed as the best in Queensland!  The pool area and Stingray bar are great facilities also.

  • Opportunity to develop collaborative links

As with all conferences, the WSCG will bring together a great group of people all of whom are passionate about the game of golf. Whether you are an academic, coach, involved in the golf industry (or want to be!) or just a lover of the game, the conference will have something for you.  The conference is certainly where many great collaborative research links have been forged.

  • Great social and networking opportunities

Of course there will be the traditional “Internationals vs Home” golf tournament at the beautiful The Palms Golf Course at Sanctuary Cove where the Australians will be hoping to gain a home soil advantage for the first time ever!  This will be a great opportunity to play with colleagues but there will be some ‘ring ins’ as well to help level the playing field!  For example, renowned Canadian PGA Professional Henry Brunton will join the International team while former British Open Winner Karen Lunn will strengthen the Aussies!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is massive in Australia and delegates will have the opportunity to start their day with a quick SUP before putting the QT’s buffet breakfast to the test.

For those into running, we have some local experienced runners who will be happy to take you on a running tour of the coast before brekky.

Of course, the Gold Coast has many attractions and we are more than happy to point you in the right direction of the “must do’s” while on the Coast.  Remember there are more than 40 golf courses in and around the Gold Coast!

  • Attend a fun and informative dinner event

The Conference Dinner will be a lot of fun but will also be an opportunity to hear the likes of Henry Brunton, Phillip di Bella, Karen Lunn, and several other sports superstars discuss topics relating to golf and science in sport via a “Q&A on the Coach” Again, QT will be a great venue for this event and we are really looking forward to the night.

And of course, don’t forget the welcome reception on the Friday night!!!

  • Attend the Australian PGA’s National Golf Coaching Summit.

For the first time ever, the Australian PGA is opening their National Golf Coaching Summit to non-PGA members. This has come about through a strong collaborative link between the WSCG and the PGA.  Together we have ensured that delegates wishing to attend both conferences can do so and at a reduced price.  The below is on the PGA’s website, highlighting the importance it places on our relationship:

“This year, the World Scientific Congress of Golf and the PGA of Australia have worked collaborative to coordinate schedules to provide delegates an unprecedented opportunity to attend 2 conferences back to back. The Srixon PGA Coaching Summit, the flagship of the PGA’s Coaching Education Program is being held at RACV Royal Pines Resort from the 9-11th September. This collaboration provides an opportunity for delegates to take advantage of extending their stay on the Gold Coast and attending both conferences at a discounted price. Click Here for further information regarding the PGA Coaching Summit.

Go to for more information about their summit.

We hope to see all September 5-7 2014. To read more WSCG 2014