World Scientific Congress of Golf moves across the sea to Australia’s Gold Coast for,

Golf Science: A WSCG 2014!

On behalf of Griffith University and the World Scientific Congress of Golf, we would like to invite
you to join us on the Gold Coast for Golf Science: A World Scientific Congress of Golf to be held
September 5- 7th 2014. For more information click here

Hear why renowned golf researchers and coaches are excited about the 2014 World Scientific Congress of Golf!

Dr. Paul Grimshaw, University of Adelaide, Australia.
“My first experience of the World Scientific Congress of Golf was in 1990 at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The conference for me was a really great experience and it was so good to see so many people passionate about the science of golf together for the first time in one place. This had a huge influence on my interest in the biomechanics of the swing and it fueled my continuous study in this area for the years that were to come. Socially, I remember sharing a round of golf on the ‘Jubliee’ course in the cold Scottish wind and rain, with a group of researchers from Japan and obviously a ‘wee’ whiskey or two in the local hostilary afterwards. Now, some 24 years later, after several conferences, a journal and a number of proceedings in the form of books we are on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia for what is looking like being as one of the best so far. Griffith University are kindly and expertly hosting the event and it is a pleasure that I am able to attend with many of my colleagues from around the world (some very old and many very new). I know there will be plenty of whiskey, lots of science and new innovations and of course something that Scotland never had much of, Sunshine. I look forward to learning about the future directives in golf research and meeting friends old and new on the Gold Coast in September.”
John Hellstrom, PhD, PGA, CEO GolfPyramid.comSweden
 “I have attended every World Scientific Congress of Golf since 1994. We live in a world of hype and marketing. At my first conference, I quickly understood that to improve as a professional golf coach, I had to drastically improve my ability to draw conclusions and sort facts from fiction. If you want to ground your coaching on current research, the Gold Coast is the next place to come to. I really look forward to listening and discuss golf performance related topics with experts from all around the world at WSCG 2014.”
Associate Professor Andrea Fradkin, Bloomsburg University, United States
“I am very excited about, and looking forward to, attending the 2014 World Scientific Congress of Golf in beautiful, sunny Queensland for a number of reasons This congress is one of the rare settings for anyone with a passion for golf to network with other professionals and vendors in the industry. It provides the ultimate opportunity for golf researchers and golf professionals to get together and disseminate their knowledge and discuss future collaborations and research. in short, it is the ultimate conference for presenting and learning about everything golf. And of course, it is guaranteed to be a great time both in and out of the lecture halls.”
To view some of the agenda please click here

We hope to see everyone there!